Phoebe Ministries is proud to have well-educated clinical staff members who receive annual dementia care training that exceeds industry standards and regulatory requirements. We are happy to share our cutting-edge training programs for cognitive impairment with you.

Training Programs: Caring for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment

Foundations of Dementia Care
• Introduction to Dementia Care
• Dementia Sensitivity Training
• Understanding Dementia as a Progressive Disease
• Responding to Individuals with Dementia
• Activities of Daily Living for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment
• Safety Considerations for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment
• Medications as a Last Resort
• Sexuality and Behavior in Individuals with Dementia
• Enhancing Meal Time Experiences for Individuals with Dementia

Holistic Care
• Supporting Family Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia
• Palliative Care and Spirituality for Individuals with Dementia
• Relationship Building with Individuals with Dementia
• Emotional Well Being of the Individual with Dementia

Activity and Engagement for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment

Behavior Management and Reduction in Reliance on Psychotropic Medications
• Managing Challenging Behaviors in Dementia
• Psychotic Symptoms in the Context of Dementia
• Managing Aggressive Behavior

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