Proposal submissions to present at the 2023 Phoebe Institute on Aging (PIA) conference are now being accepted!

The next PIA Conference will take place in April 2023. The topic is We Rise Together: Seniors Rebound with Resilience and Hope.

Resiliency is defined as a means to bounce back from adversity and grow. Seniors, long term care providers, and the community have had their share of challenges with normal aging and the recent pandemic. Seniors are now transitioning back into life activities within a new normal environment. Caregivers of seniors are incorporating strategies and care techniques to promote resiliency and wellness among seniors. Communities are striving to create living environments that enable seniors to navigate with resilience and hope.

This conference will examine resiliency in older adults from normal aging processes to environmental stresses, clinician and practitioner strategies and techniques to promote resiliency in seniors, and community supports to strengthen the resiliency of senior citizens.

Conference Objectives:

  • Discuss wellness strategies that promote the development of resiliency as applied to older adults.
  • Discuss ways in which long term care providers can promote residents’ resiliency through the use of clinician care techniques and senior activity programming.
  •  Discuss supports that promote resiliency of seniors from diverse cultures within the community environment.

The Phoebe Institute on Aging (PIA) conferences educate health professionals and care givers about current day needs and front-line solutions for older adults and their caretakers. The PIA provides forums for discussion and learning, including educational programs, cooperative ventures, and outreach activities designed to promote improved quality of life and care for the aging and their families.

For further information or questions, please email or call 610-794-5132.

Presentations will be reviewed for relevance and purpose to provide a balanced educational program.