Phoebe Berks independent living residents competed in an Olympic-style event on June 17, 2013 on the Boardwalk recreational area of our Wernersville continuing care retirement community. Created by the resident-comprised Sports and Recreational Task Force chaired by Don Kimberling, the Berks Olympics featured eight teams of two competing in bocce, quoits, shuffleboard and putting.Competitors ranged in age from 70 to 96 and included both men and women.

Phoebe Berks Boardwalk Olympics Committee
Chair, Phoebe Berks Boardwalk Olympics: Rev. Richard Whitney
Chair, Phoebe Berks Sports and Recreation Task Force: Don Kimberling

Phoebe Berks Boardwalk Olympics Competitors
Green Team: Josh Ziegler and Don Klein
Orange Team: Diane Brubaker, Larry Brubaker and Ira Weigley
Light Blue Team: Esther Whitney and John Mattes
Yellow Team: Betty Garraway and Jim Garraway
Red Team: Al Schmeck and Ken Hatt
White Team: Sandy Leidich and Warren Blatt
Dark Blue Team: Claire Roth and Marian Miller
Teal Team: Lila Butz and Howard Snover

Phoebe Berks Olympics Task Force and Volunteers
Nelson Simonson              Rev. Robert Masenheimer
Barbara Jacobs                  Ronnie Backenstoe
Nick Jacobs                        Mary Kay McMahon
Dean Walker                       Diana Berstler
Bethy Cattermole               Don Taatjes
John Mattes                       Star High
Mary Klein                          Joe McMahon
Cliff Wagner                       Adam Marles
Mary Anne Kimberling      Brynn Buskirk