Mitch and Jami Possinger were announced as the 2020 Recipients of The Rev. Dr. Grant Harrity Award for Exemplary Service to the Aging. The Possingers will be honored at the 2021 Generations Un-Gala, presented by the Phoebe Institute on Aging (PIA) on September 23 at Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery.

“Since 1999, the Possingers have served Phoebe in several volunteer roles,” says Scott Stevenson, Phoebe President and CEO. “Their leadership, and the support we have received from Mitch and Jami personally and from Cura Hospitality, have enhanced our campuses, advanced our educational initiatives through the PIA and our Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program, and helped sustain charity care. We are deeply appreciative of their service.”

Cura Hospitality, founded by Mitch, was awarded Phoebe’s dining services management partnership in 1999. Mitch served as president of Cura, and that was the beginning of his long-time business and volunteer roles at Phoebe.  Jami’s relationship with Phoebe began even earlier when she was a seminary student at Moravian Academy and was accepted into Phoebe’s CPE Program, then led by Rev. Dr. Allen Kramer Moyer. 

Mitch has served on Phoebe’s Governing Board, has chaired Phoebe’s Nominating and Governance and Institutional Advancement Committees, and has served on the Phoebe Institute on Aging (PIA) Advisory Board and President’s Council.  Jami has served as a member of Phoebe’s Church Relations Committee, and as Chairperson of the CPE Committee. She took an active role with CPE students, meeting them at the beginning of their study and participating in their exit interviews.

“We see substantive returns on our time and philanthropic support of Phoebe—residents who experience love, compassion, and the best quality care; employees who find meaningful work at Phoebe; families who can rest assured that their loved ones are at the center of our mission; and donors and volunteers who know that their treasure, talent and time are being multiplied in community impact,” say the Possingers.

Each year, Phoebe presents the Harrity Award to individuals whose leadership, service, and commitment advance the aging services field. Phoebe honors those who advocate for or effect positive change in the lives of older adults, their caretakers, and the community through ongoing, cumulative achievements. 

“Through our initial connections at Phoebe, our awareness of and interest in Phoebe’s mission grew and, subsequently, so did our desire to be part of an organization that adds such value to the quality of life,” say the Possingers. 

“As America ages, the need for services for the aging will grow exponentially at a time when resources to provide those services will become increasingly constrained,” say the Possingers.  “It takes an organization like Phoebe with the experience, entrepreneurial spirit that’s now more than 100 years old, and commitment to mission to tackle this challenge.”

“We are pleased to be a part of Phoebe Ministries,” they say. “Helping others smile makes us smile!” 

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